I know you want to be a gent and do the dishes, but there’s no point in having a strop about it.

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Iri, what did I say about staring at the girls? …Iri?

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Orchid: Don’t be silly Iri, it’s just the nerves making your thoughts funny.

Iri: You can say that again!

Orchid: We’re all as nervous as you are, some of a little be more being shy and all, but try not to. We’re all here because we think you’re brilliant, so don’t get too wound up okay?

Iri: I’ll.. I’ll give it a shot.

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Iri: Like cookies huh?

Orchid: Oh yes, they’re my favorite!

Iri:That’s good, just don’t eat too many. Not that you would! I meant, uh, I didn’t.. I’m sorry..

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He wasn’t alone for long as Orchid decided to join him.

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Iri got really nervous about who he should sit with, so he sat by himself in the corner. 

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Mauve, Heartleaf, Evelyn and Darling are just a few of the girls who enjoyed a more unconventional evening meal.

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Last, but by no means least, is Wilby.

Iri: Glad I could finally chat to you Wild Berry, you seem quite the chatter box!

Wilby: I guess I am hehe, oh and please call me Wilby.

Iri: Wilby it is then. So Wi-

Wilby: Will you excuse me for a sec?

Iri: Oh yeah, sure.

Wilby didn’t respond to Iri and walked away

Iri: Am I doing something wrong?

*stomach grumble*

Iri: Oh.. That’s probably it..

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Mauve is up next.

Mauve: Greetings Iri! I’m Mauve Dawson and it’s a pleasure to meet you!

Iri: Hello Mauve, it’s nice to meet you too! I must say, I feel slightly underdressed compared to you..

Mauve: Terribly sorry about that, just thought I’d get dress up for dinner. Speaking of which, I better grab a plate, talk to you later!

Iri: Oh okay, well it was nice talking..

Mauve didn’t respond to Iri and just walked away.

Heartleaf can’t see why Mauve would do such a thing, even though she did exactly the same..

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Heartleaf is up next, if she’d stop gossiping with Wilby.

Iri: Hello Heartleaf! How are you?

Heartleaf: I’m great thanks! You can call me Heart or Leaf if you’d like.

Iri: Oh okay, Leaf it is.

Heartleaf: Great. Well, I’ll see you around.

Iri: ..Okay?

Iri managed to snag Heartleaf from Wilby long enough to get to know her, but she didn’t respond and walked off.

I realise now that this is because it was at this point everyone started to get hungry. I should of thought about that, so I’ll make sure that the orders are randomized from now on.

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Iri: You must be Sinatra! You probably get this a lot, but are you name after ol’ blue eyes himself?

Sinatra: I am indeed! My parents were big fans of his.

Iri: I can see why, he was brilliant.

Sinatra: He was, I grew up on his music. 

Iri: Good music to grow up on..

Sinatra: Yep..

Sinatra responded to Iri by chatting to him, but I imagined it to be a slightly clumsy chat between the two of them.

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Next up Sinatra and Iri finds her in the garden.

Orchid is having a whale of a time with one of the toys she won on the claw machine.

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Sweetie: So.. The weather’s nice today.

Iri: Oh, yeah. It’s uh.. It’s great.

Sweetie responded to Iri by talking about the weather.

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Iri: How long have you been playing piano? You play very beautifully.

Sweetie: Oh gosh really? Well, thank you! And ever since I can remember really, always wanted to be a musician.

Iri: Oh cool! My sister started teaching me when I was a kid.

Sweetie: You play too?!

Iri: Oh yeah, not amazingly but I play. We could jam sometime!

Sweetie: Yeah!

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Next up is Sweetie, and Iri found that she’d drawn quite the crowd downstairs with her piano playing.

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